Sticking to your New Year's Resolution

Pam Flores @phflores Health Guide
  • Joint Base Lewis McCord, WA


    Have you made your New Year’s resolution?  Will you be motivated to commit to it?  Most of us try to make resolutions to improve our health, like participating in an exercise routine every day, to improve our bone health.  Does this sound like you?  Did you get the latest exercise DVD for Christmas with grand hopes to complete it at least five days a week? Well my resolution will not be broken this year, how about you?


    Since I have trouble staying motivated with exercise and those hard-to-stick-to resolutions, I decided to do what I’m capable of everyday, yet dedicate my exercise to someone else.  If you have a group to dedicate your exercise, you’re much more likely to follow through every day because you promised to do it for a wonderful cause.

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    If you aren’t good at staying motivated throughout the year, look for a group you would like to help through your daily exercise.  Look for groups that interest you, that are in your area, or causes that are looking for someone who will commit to a daily exercise routine to draw awareness to the group and health.  I picked a group called Raider Run to Afghanistan.  Our goal is to do exercise each day and calculate that into miles.  The miles we complete, will represent walking to Afghanistan and back many times.  Each soldier represents a team and their spouse is our team captain’s, and they can watch our progress from their camps at the front lines of Afghanistan via Facebook.  My cousin and many others were deployed, so I’m doing this for myself, to improve my health, and for him and the soldiers to show my support while they’re away. 


    Thirty minutes of any sustained exercise equals three miles, and we need to complete the number of miles from JBLM to Kandahar, and back again.  The distance from Joint Base Lewis McCord, Washington to Kandahar Afghanistan is approximately 8,354 miles; per the distance calculator at


    We turn in our weekly miles each Saturday, before midnight, and send it to Joint Base Lewis McCord (JBLM).  We also take pictures to share with the men and women so they can see our efforts on their and our behalf.  Since this started, we’ve signed up many participants, including our four legged friends. Children and babies in strollers can count their miles too.  It’s turned into a really fun endeavor talking to the men and women in the field and reading all their posts of encouragement.  Getting to see their camp and wonderful faces from day to day, is a true joy.  Since I have this added motivation, I haven’t skipped ONE day because I promised to do this, rain or shine.


    Each year I make resolutions, and fail miserably, but this year I’m on track and loving it.  I don’t have any excuses for skipping my walking, riding or any other exercise I choose since this has become something bigger than me.  If I were to skip a day, I’d feel horrible, so I won’t do that.  Having a cause to push you along really helps, so thus far it has been nothing but fun, and heart cheering to see the looks on the soldiers’ faces when we send in our pictures and miles.  Each team is trying to out-do the other in miles, but that isn’t why we are doing this, we are doing it for the soldiers who are risking their lives every day for us to keep us safe and this is what they chose for us to do, in the hopes they could encourage exercise and health for all who join.


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    If you’d like to have healthy bones, support our deployed troops and have fun, just contact me and I can give you all the info.  This will be going on till the soldier’s return.


    I finally found a resolution I can stick with and enjoy all at once!  Won’t you give it a try?

Published On: January 24, 2013