Top Eight Foods for Stress Relief

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  • We all have to deal with stress; it may be a result of a recent diagnosis or the challenge of deciding which treatment to take for bone loss, but you don’t have to let it rule your life and you can manage it with the proper tools. 


    Society and daily living presents us with stressors that we need to navigate, so try adding a few super-foods for stress to your diet and you’ll be much less anxious and able to take on the day with a renewed since of vigor.




    Folic acid & B

    7 spears

    25 calories


    High in antioxidants

    2/3 of a cup

    30 calories


    Zinc, Iron & B vitamins

    1 cup

    310 calories

    Cottage Cheese & Fruit

    Protein and Calcium

    ½ cup

    72 calories


    B2, E, magnesium, zinc

    1/3 cup

    306 calories


    B6 & B12, low fat protein

    3.5 ounces

    99 calories

    Rice Cereal

    B vitamins and folic acid

    1 cup

    100 calories


    Calcium, B2, B12 and D

    1/2 cup 2% fat

    46 calories


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    Since stress elevates our cortisol levels, we need to watch this hormone since it is not good for our bones.  Elevated cortisol can also manifest into heart palpitations, high blood pressure, depression and many other things along with bone loss.  Stress relieving foods, and their benefits, are well documented for those contemplating open heart surgery, cancer treatment and osteoporosis management.


    When you are presented with a new stressor, acknowledge it, and then deal with it in a constructive manner, like adding these foods to your diet.  We can learn many things from the stresses in our lives. By acknowledging and constructively managing stressors, you give stress validity so it can be handled in a way that improves your outlook, health healing abilities and knowledge on how to deal with problems when they arise.


    When you are presented with a stressful situation trust in yourself to make the right decisions and you’ll find that the solutions to all things have been within you, just waiting for you to access them.





    Better Homes and Gardens 10 Superfoods for Stress Relief by:  Dorie Eisenstein, September 2004

Published On: April 14, 2013