Osteoporosis Connections Question of the Week on Calcium

Pam Flores @phflores Health Guide


    When dealing with osteoporosis, we know that one aspect is to get the recommended amounts of calcium, to protect our bones.

    Many physicians believe that getting the majority of our calcium from our diet is best, but sometimes this is hard to do because we have to find the foods rich in calcium or find good recipes that include the right amount of calcium that we like and will continue to eat.

    Please post your favorite calcium rich recipe here, or tells us ways you've found to include calcium through veggies, dairy products, or other items high in calcium.

    Please post the amounts (milligrams) of calcium in each item so we can easily total the recipe or items.

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    According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, all of us over 50 need to get at least 1,200 mgs of calcium per day in divided doses of 500 mgs per serving. For those under 50, the recommendation is 1,000 mgs per day.

    What's your favorite calcium rich food or recipe, to build stronge bones?










Published On: July 13, 2009