Question of the Week: Your Opinions on Obama’s Health Reform?

Pam Flores @phflores Health Guide
  • I want to thank you all for joining us again and to tell you we really appreciate your  input!  Your comments help us all, and make this a great place to hear all opinions.


    What do you think of the Presidents' plan for Health Care Reform?


    Are you hoping it will be passed into legislation, or not and why?


    If you currently have insurance, do you believe this plan will affect it either negatively or positively, or not at all?


    For those that are uninsured, what are your opinions on this new proposed plan, and will it help you?


    I also believe that we may have a lot of Medicare recipients that our within our community and we would like to know how you think the Presidents' Health Plan will affect you? Do you believe your Medicare benefits will essentially stay the same or change in some way?

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    Health care and osteoporosis treatment in particular is very expensive, so we all need some form of insurance to cover this.


Published On: August 26, 2009