Question of the Week: Is Your Osteoporosis Treatment Working or Not?

Pam Flores @phflores Health Guide

    Some of us are doing well on our osteoporosis treatment and some of us aren't. For those who aren't seeing gains in bone density, this can be extremely discouraging and we'd like to come up with some ideas for you that may help.


    -Tell us which one of these scenarios applies to you?


    -What you are taking and how long have you been taking it?


    -Have you improved your t-scores, gotten worse, or have they stayed the same?


    -Have you been checked for a secondary cause for your osteoporosis?


    -What other supplements are you taking?


    -Are you including the recommended amount of weight bearing exercise? If so, tell us how!

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    Here's an example of questions from three of our members Bony Marorni, rbonnie, and Kat, and how they're struggling to find an answers to her problems. Let's see if we can't help them and anyone else dealing with this.

    Bony Marorni:

    "I still can't understand why Boniva made no difference in my scan in 2 years. What about Evista?"

    "Can you explain why I got no benefit from 2 years on Boniva? What about Evista?"


    "I am not eligible for forteo bec. previous radiation, but current drugs not working, ribs breaking!"

    "help! i am not eligible for forteo bec. 20 years ago (at age 32) i had breast cancer and was given radiation. not directly to my bones but they seem to be affected as my ribs in that area have been spontaneously breaking for about 5 years now. (with no trauma! they just break and heal, break and heal) this actually is what led to the discovery that i have osteoporosis, at this point i am only 52 and a little young for all this...anyway i was on boniva for two years, no help, then actonel the last three years....


    "No change in bone density after two years on Forteo."


    These are just there questions from many members not getting the results they expected. Please share any ideas you may have for these members.



Published On: September 02, 2009