Question of the Week: Your Favorite Osteoporosis Books

Pam Flores @phflores Health Guide

    Hi everyone, hope you week is going well. Today we're going to talk about books, have you read any good ones?

    I have to admit I haven't read any books on osteoporosis; my education came through reading medical journals and clinical trials on all of the osteoporosis medications and journal articles that explain this disorder. 


    I would love to hear your suggestions so we can get these books from the library to further our education. With your suggestions, we could start a personal library of osteoporosis books.

    All you have to do to participate is give us:

    • The name of the book
    • Author
    • Things you found to be most important to you, in dealing with, understanding and treating your osteoporosis or osteopenia.

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Published On: September 16, 2009