Are Medical Bills Impacting Your Life?

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  • Our mission here at HealthCentral is to help you deal with not just your health challenges, but everything surrounding them – from emotional stress to workplace issues to coping with everyday life. 


    This Thursday, Jan. 29, we invite you to log on to Twitter and join our #HealthTipsChat on managing health-care finances. I’ll join the following health-care experts in exploring the financial side of illness and treatment:


    •Lene Andersen (@theseatedview), award winning writer, author, and community leader on our rheumatoid arthritis site; 

    •Carol Bradley Bursack (@mindingourelder), nationally known author, blogger, and columnist on aging and caregiving support, and an expert on our Alzheimer’s site;  

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    Sarah Bramblettte (@Born2lbFat), a veteran of lipedema and lymphedema; a weight-loss surgery patient, and a health-care and insurance advocate currently obtaining a degree in health law. 


    We’ll cover issues ranging from the practical (ways to save money on prescriptions; how to pay for unexpected medical expenses), to the emotional (how do you deal with bill-related stress?)


    Do you know what an FSA is? It’ll pay medical bills AND save you money at income-tax time. Do you know the best person to go to for relief, when your hospital is hounding you for money? The answer may be right there next to the billing office! 


    Log on to Twitter and go to #HealthCentral this Thursday, Jan. 29 at 2 p.m. for a 1-hour chat. We look forward to hearing your thoughts – and sharing ours – on this important subject.  

Published On: January 26, 2015