Generic Fosamax: Osteoporosis Rx Controversy Heats Up

Lila de Tantillo Health Guide
  • There is a fascinating, if a bit troubling, controversy going on in England over osteoporosis drugs. Doctors and patients alike -- more than 20,000 in total -- have signed a petition in protest of a proposed government move to make alendronate (essentially the generic version of Fosamax) the default prescription medicine to treat osteoporosis. Many fear it would make it much tougher for those who are poor candidates for that drug to try another drug without having taken alendronate first.


    The issue reminds us that despite some undeniable problems with our U.S. healthcare system, the alternative of socialized, government-run, one-size-fits-all health care has its own severe drawbacks. I wonder if Michael Moore is paying attention.

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Published On: November 14, 2007