Update on My Osteoporosis Concerns: Height Changes and Portable Bone Scans

Lila de Tantillo Health Guide
  • A couple months back I wrote about how at my annual check-up, the nurse measured my height as a quarter-inch less than the year before. Then a couple a weeks ago I had my bone density checked by a portable scanning device. (Yes, the same one several doctors I've interviewed have said is unreliable - but I was curious anyhow!)


    It said I was -1, which could be considered borderline for osteopenia. So I called up my own doctor, who echoed the other physicians' skepticism of such scanning machines - and told me that ALL her patient's heights were off since she had new carpeting installed in her office!

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    So much for my concerns about shrinking height... though I still intend to keep up my calcium and Vitamin D.

Published On: November 28, 2007