Osteoporosis gene may affect bone density

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  • Significant new research has located variants in a gene that may contribute to osteoporosis, among other conditions. As reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association this week, there are common variants of the LRP5 gene that are consistently associated with bone mineral density and fracture risk across different white populations. The study was conducted by Dr. John P. A. Ioannidis, from the University of Ioannina School of Medicine in Greece and colleagues from a number of countries.


    However, it seems the overall effect of the gene on fractures is modest. While it would be wonderful to obtain new ways to know whom might be at risk for osteoporosis, good health habits -- including adequate amounts of calcium and Vitamin D, regular exercise, and no smoking or excessive drinking -- should always play a crucial role in preventing low bone mass, regardless of one's genetic status.

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    To read the abstract of this article, go to http://jama.ama-assn.org/cgi/content/short/299/11/1277.

Published On: March 19, 2008