don't know much... about osteoporosis

Lila de Tantillo Health Guide
  • Just saw this interesting bulletin from Johns Hopkins suggesting we don't know about osteoporosis as much as we think we do:

    (The info originally appeared in the Journal of Rheumatology). Though everybody, myself included, could stand to learn more about the subject, I have to confess I was a bit skeptical about the assertion we don't know enough, at least as presented in this brief synopsis.  This assessment was extrapolated from a survey of 15 people, and while research and surveys are by necessity conducted on samples much smaller than the overall population, the size of this group seemed especially puny. Admittedly, it is a bit disheartening to read that the people in the study didn't take seriously consuming calcium and Vitamin D, and that they don't relate their fractures to the possibility of osteoporosis. However, the fact that participants expressed concern about osteoporosis medicines having side effects and interacting with their current prescriptions seemed like valid questions that they could take up with their doctors, not an indication that they were not informed or interested in their potential for bone loss.

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Published On: May 06, 2007