osteonecrosis of the jaw

Lila de Tantillo Health Guide
  • It's great to see that The New York Academy of Sciences is holding a seminar on osteonecrosis of the jaw, a painful disease in the teeth and gums that has been linked to bisphosphonate use. While the illness has been especially associated with intravenous bisphosphonates most often used for cancer patients, the widespread use of oral bisphosphonates to combat osteoporosis and osteopenia makes this a relevant issue for the bone loss community as well. The info is at http://www.nyas.org/events/eventDetail.asp?eventID=8739&date=5%2F19%2F2007+8%3A30%3A00+AM and I was particularly glad that it says "all healthcare professionals are urged to attend." It is important to learn all we can about the risks (as well as advantages) of any medication we take, and I hope that this meeting keeps the spotlight on this issue and encourages those researching this rare but dangerous side effect of bisphosphonate medication.
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Published On: May 15, 2007