• wyldmama1951 wyldmama1951
    January 11, 2009
    Should I take fosamax after dental problems?
    wyldmama1951 wyldmama1951
    January 11, 2009

    I am disabled w/fibromyalgia.  This fall my upper teeth became loose to the point they had to be extracted.  The healing process has taken so long the dentist sent me to my physician for some blood work to see if there was a problem.  The blood work was ok but he ordered a bone density as well and it showed osteo in my back and osteopenia in my hips for which he prescribed fosamax.  I spoke to my dentist and am not going to begin taking it at least until i am healed from my extractions b/c she feels it will slow the healing more that it already is.  My problem is now tho, I have been reading (perhaps too much) and I don't like all the things that I see on fosamax.  Should I take fosamax or is there a better alternative?



  • Pam Flores
    Health Guide
    January 11, 2009
    Pam Flores
    Health Guide
    January 11, 2009

    Hi wyldmama:  So sorry to hear about your fibromyalgia and dental problems!  Does your dentist know why your teeth became loose?  Did the dentist mention bone loss in your jaw?  If so, I would ask the dentist if this med would help or hinder the bone in your jaw.


    I would follow the dentists recommendations to wait on fosamax until your completely healed.  After you've healed you can rethink the decision about fosamax with your dentist and doctors help.  You are the only person who can make this decision, with help from your health care providers, so good luck.


    There are other options for treatment, if you decide you can't take fosamax for some reason.  Here's a link on one treatment (Fosteum) that may be of interest to you.


    Good luck with your healing and decision for osteoporosis treatment.






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