• Joan in AZ Joan in AZ
    June 21, 2008
    I am Lactose entolerant. I can't drink soy milk either without diahrrea. Would rice milk be okay?
    Joan in AZ Joan in AZ
    June 21, 2008

    (continued from above)

    What else could I use if rice milk is not okay? When I eat a food that has been made with a milk product, I have diahrrea. Do they make something special to use to help with severe diahrrea that is not too expensive?(I am 63 and don't make much money?) I don't like taking Immodian after having consummed something that has given me diahrrea. I eat the foods with milk products in them as a way to get more calcium in my body. I take Calcium Citrate with D. Please advise me.


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