• Pam Flores
    Health Guide
    October 07, 2009
    Pam Flores
    Health Guide
    October 07, 2009

    Hi mrs beezer, welcome and thanks for your question.  There are several prices that I've read, but to be absolutely accurate on this, you need to ask your health care provider this question since they should know this information from having to deal with other patients without insurance.


    You can also contact the manufacturer of the drug (Novartis) and see if they will quote a retail price.  Here's the web site for Novartis that will show you how to contact them.  As a third option, the infusion center, hospital or Dr.'s offices that provide this service must know the answer to this question.  If you choose to call the place where it will be aministered, ask to speak to the billing office and make sure you ask the price of the:


    -- Medication


    -- Ancillary infusion prices, plus any other charge that could be applied to complete this, that would be required, like blood test and creatinine clearance test (kidney assay) and also your blood/urine calcium level test.


    If you have low income, Novartis has a patient assistance program that they offer for those without insurance but you'd have to look that up under "Patient Assistance Program" at there web site listed above.  Unfortunately, the last time I checked, the monthly amount of income has to be pretty low.  That said, you may still qualify, but it just depends on your personal income.  Don't quote me, but a ball park figure is around $1,000.00 to $1,200.00, and those figures may have gone up.  This just applies to the cost of the med and not any other charge the infusion center would charge for admininstration and tests.


    Good luck to you, and I hope you can get some help, and let us know how it works out-ok?Smile


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