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Tuesday, December 29, 2009 Margot, Community Member, asks

Q: Broken pelvic bone at 87, the middle area of the left pelvic rign at the ischium and pubic bone was

Pelvic bone fracture during a fall, the areas broken are at the middle part of the ischium and pubic bone, was told by Dr. 87yr old female has only 6 wks of life, why this diagnosis?


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Pam Flores, Health Guide
12/29/09 6:16pm

Hi Margot, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend.  Pelvic and hip fractures at her age are very problematic because they can cause other life-threatening problems.  Does this lady have any other medical problems that would cause the Dr. to make this statement?


Here's a short article on pelvic fractures.  This article doesn't really explain all the risks associated with this type of fracture, but it would also depend on pre-existing medical problems the patient may already have, like heart, lung, or clotting problems.  It's not unusual for someone of this age to develope further problems from immobility that lead to strokes causes by blood clots etc.


I wish both of you all the luck in the world, and I would ask the Dr. to fully explain the reason he made this statement so you understand what the risks are, and what they might be expecting if she has organ damage or infection.


Hang in there and I hope the Dr. is wrong.  If you need more info just post again-ok?

Pam Flores, Health Guide
12/29/09 6:56pm

Hi Margot, here's another article on pelvic fractures that explains some of the risks involved.  This article is written from a nurses perspective on how to handle this type of injury, but I feel you can get quite a lot of info from it.  Since this is a multiple site fracture the Dr. needs to watch for other complications, which I'm sure he or she will do.  If you are a caretaker for her, you can get some ideas of what to watch for that will help, but known that the Dr. will have to handle the treatment, but with your help.


Again I wish you both all the best and hope that the fracture can be treated successfully, while watching for the risks that could occur.

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By Margot, Community Member— Last Modified: 05/13/11, First Published: 12/29/09