• Pam Flores
    Health Guide
    November 28, 2008
    Pam Flores
    Health Guide
    November 28, 2008

    Hi Pradnya:  I'm not familiar with Mylogen forteo or Gemcal, are they prescription meds or vitamin supplements?


    Generally osteoporosis doesn't cause pain/numbness unless you've fractured a bone.  Since I'm not a Dr it would be very difficult to say what's causing this type of symptom.  I would see your Dr and tell he/she about the numbness in your hands and feet, to see if something else is causing it.


    Numbness is usually a result of impaired nerve function or injury to the nerve from something pressing on the nerve, have you injured yourself recently?


    In any case you need a Dr to evaluate what is going on and to give you a diagnosis and treatment.


    These symptoms should be treated by a Dr asap.  I don't mean that there is a need to panic, but I think you'll feel much better once you find out what is causing this and get some needed treatment.


    Good luck finding out what is causing this and I hope it resolves very soon.


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