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Osteopenia: Do You REALLY Need the Drugs?

So, you’ve been diagnosed with osteopenia. Your doctor recommends a bisphosphonate – say, Fosamax. But you’ve read some pretty awful things about it.

From the rigid schedule for taking a bisphosphonate, to the heartburn, diarrhea, and nausea that may accompany it, to the awful possibility that Read moreChevron

Monika Lysevsky

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Calcium in Early Life May Prevent Obesity Later

There is a great article on Science Daily about calcium and its impact on obesity.


" research from North Carolina State University suggests that not getting enough calcium in the earliest days of life could have a more profound, lifelong impact on bone health and perhaps even obesity than previously... Read moreChevron

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Natural Treatment for Arthritis with Whole Body Vibration

Low impact exercise is very important for people with Arthritis. When exercising with arthritis you have to focus on certain movements and an overall balanced workout for your whole body, not just the area affected by arthritis. A common mistake is to focus on just the area that is in pain. This can be a big mistake because you will throw your... Read moreChevron

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Osteopenia at the age or 20 :(

hello all!


I am a female at the age of 20 almost 21 and I recently found out i have osteopenia, I find it quite odd that at such a young age my bones are starting to weaken.What treatments am I to seek at this age ? My mother is postmenauposal and was recently diagnosed by osteporosis.  Could it be heridetary ? I... Read moreChevron


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Osteoporosis Documentary on Public Television



I am writing from Information Television Network (ITV), a TV production company located in South Florida. We are the producers of an award winning health and wellness series called, "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind." This series is currently airing on Public Television across the country.


Our... Read moreChevron