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Osteoporosis Treatment

Treatment options for osteoporosis are extremely varied, ranging from diet and lifestyle habits to medication to surgery. Here you'll find the basics about each of your treatment options and the resources you need to find relief.

  • Resources
    A number of methods are available for treating osteoporosis. Read our guide to find out all of your options.
  • Medications
    Major drug therapies now exist for treating osteoporosis. Read our guide to learn about the different drugs available for treating this condition.
  • Injection For Better Bones
    Watch a video and learn about an alternative to taking pills for osteoporosis.
  • Heart Medicine For Bones
    Researchers from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey say a common heart medication could stop osteoporosis and cost patients only a fraction of other approved medications.
  • Osteoporosis Drug
    A new drug takes treating osteoporosis one step further than traditional drugs.
  • Bone Density Medications
    Learn about bone density medications for osteoporosis.