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What Makes Certo So Sensational For Arthritis Pain Relief?

Posting Date: 05/01/2000

Q: I've been trying your Certo and grape juice recipe for arthritis. After two weeks all my joints have stopped aching. Are there any dangers from Certo?

A: Certo mixed with grape juice has been a popular arthritis remedy for decades. One pharmacist attributed its activity to the citric acid and potassium citrate this pectin product contains. Certo is found in grocery stores; it is a soluble fiber used to thicken jellies and jams. The primary ingredient is pectin derived from the cell walls of plants. We know of no side effects from this food product. The remedy is two teaspoons of Certo in three ounces of purple grape juice three times daily. There are several recipes for the mixture - one calls for one tablespoon of Certo in eight ounces of grape juice daily. A couple in California first told us about this arthritis remedy. They drank the two teaspoons of Certo in three ounces of juice three times a day, and lowered the dose as the joints stopped aching. We later learned from readers that this remedy has been around for decades. One reader wrote, "I was quite amused when I read about Certo and grape juice. I have tried every remedy out there, including some very expensive ones that did nothing, so I had little to lose. "Within a week I had amazing results. My knees have become free of stiffness for the first time in ten years, and I have even started running again!" The recipe also can be found in our Favorite Home Remedies Section on the site, under the title "Purple Pectin For Pain." Our Guide to Home Remedies also provides more detail about other arthritis remedies.