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An Anti-Depressant That Increases Libido?

Posting Date: 06/26/2000

Q: One of your readers mentioned that Zoloft, Prozac, Effexor and Paxil interfered with her ability to achieve orgasm. I've tried each of these antidepressants as well and each one decreased my libido and took the pleasure out of sex.

Then my physician prescribed Wellbutrin. It actually increases my sex drive while treating depression. I hope my experience will help others.

A: This isn't the first time we have heard that Wellbutrin (bupropion) could enhance sexuality. Several studies have shown that unlike most other antidepressants, Wellbutrin doesn't lower libido or interfere with orgasm.

A recent report to the American Psychiatric Association suggests that this drug might even improve sex drive for some women with "hypoactive sexual desire disorder."