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Garlic Flea Remedy Dangerous For Dog

Posting Date: 09/19/2005

Q. I heard that garlic could keep fleas from biting, so I put some in my dog?s food for about a week. He became lethargic and couldn?t even climb the lowest stairs. I thought this might be a reaction to the antibiotics I had him on to heal sores from the original flea bites.

I took him in again to check for infection, but there wasn?t any. I casually mentioned the garlic, and the vet said that garlic is toxic to dogs. It causes something called Heinz body anemia. Please warn other readers.

A. Both garlic and onions can cause anemia in dogs. Cats are even more susceptible.

People often assume that they can give their pets the same things they take themselves, but that?s not necessarily a good idea. Always check with the vet before giving your pet any medicine or extra treats like chocolate or raisins, which are also toxic to dogs.

Q. A while back I wrote to complain that the bar of soap under the bottom sheet quit working for my restless legs. (It was great at first.)

Then I got to thinking, it worked before, so why not now? That bar of soap had

been there for six months, so I replaced it.

The result: no more restless legs. A few times that I had symptoms, I put my feet on the soap and the sensations went away in about two minutes.

A. It puzzles us that a bar of soap under the bottom sheet would help restless legs, but we have heard from so many other readers who have gotten relief that we believe something is happening.

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In restless leg syndrome (RLS), people have an irresistible urge to move their legs. Some have a creepy-crawly sensation. Others complain of a feeling of pulling, tugging, burning or irritation inside the legs that stops only when the sufferer moves his legs.