Friday, October 24, 2014

Dr. Bill Quick's Posts

A Diabetes Gadget I Won't Use

Sometimes I think of myself as becoming a diabetes gadget guru -- I've got an insulin pump, and a CGM (continuous glucose monitor), and of course more blood glucose meters than I really need. And my smartphone is forever getting... Read moreChevron

Artificial Sweeteners Might Contribute to Developing T2 Diabetes

One of the most dramatic changes in diabetes in my lifetime has been the development of multiple artificial sweeteners: there are now seven approved in the US. You can find lots of discussion about them at Read moreChevron

The Flu, Diabetes and You

Flu season is coming soon.


As the CDC points out, having the flu will cause changes in your blood sugar. In addition, illness can prevent you from eating properly, which further affects blood glucose levels. Sometimes, diabetes can make it more difficult to handle an infection like the flu. People with diabetes who come... Read moreChevron

The Role For Non-insulin Injectables in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes

As I indicated in another recent post, Ask Your Physician About Non-insulin Injectable Drugs For Treating Diabetes, there are several different types of injectable medications to treat type 2 diabetes (T2D).


The first, of... Read moreChevron

Ask Your Physician About Non-insulin Injectable Drugs For Treating Diabetes

There are now a dozen different types of medications to treat diabetes, several of which require self-injection by the patient (or a care-giver). The injectable diabetes drug that almost everyone is aware of is, of course, insulin, but there are several others: a drug called pramlintide, plus several drugs in the category called "GLP-1 receptor... Read moreChevron