Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Dan and Jennifer Digmann's Posts

Question of the Week – 4/15/10 - How'd you sleep last night?

Our morning “routine” started at 5:30 today. It has become quite standard for Dan and me, and tends to go a lot like this:


The alarm-radio goes off, usually to some popular tune we both enjoy, and eventually Dan snoozes the music.


“Ten more minutes and then we will get up,” he assures himself and... Read moreChevron

Question of the Week: How do you handle fatigue?

Dan and I were in Iowa this past weekend. From our house in Michigan to the hotel we stayed at in Iowa City (we were guest speakers at the NMSS Upper Midwest Chapter event there), it was roughly 500 miles.


Dan is from Iowa, so in addition to our speaking, it was a wonderful trip full of family, great friends and lots of baby... Read moreChevron

It's back: How do you handle MS-related pain?

I don’t like to complain much. As far as the side effects resulting from my Multiple Sclerosis, I try to keep them pretty private.


Well, other than the wheelchair giving away the reality that I can no longer walk, or the occasional blog post or HeathCentral article where we share our experiences living with the disease. But... Read moreChevron

MS Awareness Week: How Will You Participate?

I often joke that when I die the inscription on my headstone should read, “Sorry I’m late!”


It seems I always am apologizing for my tardiness. As Dan will attest, I’m pokey. I futz. I putter. But mostly I underestimate how long it will take me to get myself ready to walk out the door… um, so to... Read moreChevron

Count It: Celebrating the MS-Anniversary

I wonder if 13 years from now I’ll wish I had today back.


Will I be saying I should have thought, should have said, should have done differently today?


I wonder.


Not that there’s anything so wrong or significant about today … yet. As Jennifer and I have learned, and we’ve all seen too... Read moreChevron