Monday, September 01, 2014

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Anxiety in School: Working with Your Child's Teacher

When your child has an anxiety disorder, chances are there are times when it interferes with school. A few examples of how anxiety disorders can make school more difficult: When children have social anxiety disorder (SAD), they might feel uncomfortable answering questions in class, going up to the board or making friends When a... Read moreChevron

Skin Care Tips for College Students

The college years are all about staying up late, eating junk food, cramming for tests, partying and rolling out of bed five minutes before class starts. All of which can lead to skin problems. With a minimal of effort and just a few minutes each day, you can improve the health of your skin. The following tips should help. Drink plenty of water.... Read moreChevron

Is Your Child’s School Sun Smart?

During a typical school day, children might spend and hour or two outside, often in the direct sunlight. Your child might have two recesses per day, gym class held outside, after-school activities and sports, field days and field trips - all activities that occur when the UV rays are strongest. Your child might sit near the windows at school.... Read moreChevron

Can Children Outgrow Autism?

Autism is considered a life-long condition. Some research suggests that a small number of children do “outgrow” autism, although some experts aren’t quite sure why this is or if a child, rather than outgrowing it, learns to adapt and adjust to the neurotypical world to the point that autism is no longer noticeable on the outside.... Read moreChevron

When Your Daughter Wants to Date

It is the time that parents have been looking forward to and dreading all at the same time: your daughter wants to date. You aren’t sure she is ready and you want to hold on to your little girl as long as possible. You also know this is inevitable and are excited that your little girl is growing up into such a beautiful young lady. You want... Read moreChevron