Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Peak Experiences: They Come to You, But You Have to be There

Yesterday, I had one of those peak experiences, you know, an Abraham Maslow special - transcendent, ecstatic, a sense of harmony with everything in the universe - and no, it wasn't mania.   This involved bringing my didgeridoo to a drum circle. You may recall, something similar happened to me about two months ago. (Check it out here.) Said... Read moreChevron

Nullius in Verba: Your Key Cognitive Tool to Healthy Living

This piece has to do with critical thinking. Think of critical thinking as our built-in bullsh*t meter. Without it, we are prisoners of our own prejudices and emotions and are at the mercy of those who pander to them.     Consider these fairly recent headlines:   The Drugging of the American Boy (This appeared as a feature article... Read moreChevron

What Disney Princesses Can Teach Us: Seriously, Hear Me Out

Maybe you’ve noticed your friends on Facebook posting these cryptic messages: “I’m Dumbledore” or “I’m Scarlett O’Hara” or the like.   On further reading, we discover that your friend has taken some kind of online quiz asking him or her to identify with a character in a particular movie or work... Read moreChevron

RIP Diagnostic Psychiaty: My Take on an Edge Question

Several months ago, I began doing pieces based on Edge questions. Edge, which bills itself as an online salon, annually asks a provocative question of leading scientists and writers and the like. The answers are published as a series of  books.      You can find my three previous bipolar takes to the following questions by... Read moreChevron

Live Bold/Live Now: Six Guidelines "Successful" Patients with Chronic Conditions Live By

Real quick ...   I’ve just finished perusing the entries in HealthCentral’s Live Bold/Live Now event. Each entry offers a snapshot (literally) into the life of someone contending with a debilitating condition. We have a photo. We have a caption.   We have a broad spectrum across conditions we are all aware of: Diabetes,... Read moreChevron