Monday, October 20, 2014

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Can Short-Term Antidepressant Use Lead to a Better Long-Term Outcome? It's Complicated ...

Last year, I posted a piece, Antidepressants Over the Medium and Long Term: Little to No Evidence. I based my narrative on four leading psychiatric treatment guidelines.


The key to legitimacy with any type of medical... Read moreChevron

Bipolar and Identity - Finding the Human Beneath the Label

This is a short piece about identity and labels.


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Lithium to Treat Bipolar - The Evidence

Here’s a monster irony for you: Lithium, by far the most-studied of the bipolar meds, is also the one that doctors manifest the most ignorance and likewise the greatest reluctance to prescribe. 


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Voting in an Oligarchy and How Golf Factors Into My Decision

It is this time of year that I am most grateful not to have a TV. For those of you who are similarly blessed, I will fill you in: There is an election around the corner. My quick take - if the political ads don’t disabuse you of the notion of US-style democracy, then the political commentary... Read moreChevron

Managing Your Bipolar, Managing Your Sleep - A Patient Shares His Insights

Gabe Howard is the second-place winner in HealthCentral’s recent Live Bold/Live Now contest. Gabe is no stranger to the challenges of... Read moreChevron