Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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The Trouble with Protein for People with Diabetes

For some of us who have diabetes the trouble with protein is real. If we have existing kidney disease, we can’t handle a lot of protein. If we follow a vegan diet, the problem is to get enough protein.   But for most of us the trouble with protein is to know how much we need and whether we are getting too much. Many of us think that... Read moreChevron

Two Great Yogurts for People with Diabetes

If anything we eat deserves the label “health food,” it has to be yogurt. Of all the probiotic foods, yogurt has to be the most popular. The good bacteria in yogurt help protect our bodies from toxins, infections, allergies, and some types of cancer. In the early 1900s the Russian scientist Ilya Mechnikov discovered that more people... Read moreChevron

Negotiate for Your Diabetes Drugs

Like most of us, my health insurance covers some of the cost of medications. But because I don’t need any diabetes medication and am in good health, I use few prescription drugs and don’t come close to reaching my deductible. So I pay the whole cost out of my pocket for the few medications that I get from time to time.... Read moreChevron

4 Reasons Why People with Diabetes Need to Eat Organic Food

For most people the big benefit of eating organic food may be consuming less pesticide in their diets. But for people with diabetes it’s different. High blood sugar means having a compromised immune system. Extra sugar in our blood exhausts the immune cells in our body and feeds germs. More than most people we need help. This help... Read moreChevron

The Best Exercise for People with Diabetes

Lately I’ve been thinking about the best way for those of us who have diabetes to get the exercise we need to stay in shape and to help us manage our diabetes better. But until now I only had my own opinion. The best exercise, I had decided on the basis of my experience, was to get the exercise we like, because that’s the only... Read moreChevron