Wednesday, October 01, 2014

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Hot Topics and MS Research News for September 2014

This month's selections are studies which have not received much attention. Enjoy.


Melatonin supplementation may improve quality of life in MS patients.

A team of researchers in Poland evaluated the effects of 5 mg daily melatonin supplementation over 90 days in 102 patients with MS and 20... Read moreChevron

Better Balance and Brain Connections Through Playing Video Games

Games are fun! Games that help to improve our cognitive skills, manual dexterity, physical abilities, problem-solving skills, creativity, and overall brain health work to keep us flexible in many more ways than one. In our recent discussion of mobile... Read moreChevron

MS Apps 2014 - Educational, Entertainment, Games

Continuing with my favorite MS-related apps in this 4-part series, here are seven applications that focus on educational materials appropriate for MS patients and the healthcare professionals who care for them, entertainment venues that provide MS-specific radio stations and book clubs, and games that are good for relaxation and... Read moreChevron

MS Apps 2014 - MS Management, Care Coordination

To conclude our 4-part series on my favorite MS-related mobile applications, here are a number of apps which offer various journal and tracking features that may be useful for MS patients. Also detailed are two apps that provide excellent journaling, medication management, calendar, to-do lists, communication tools, and up-to-date syncing of... Read moreChevron

MS Apps 2014 - Multiple Sclerosis/Neurology Publications

Several free mobile apps make available publications devoted to multiple sclerosis and neurology. Some of these publications are developed specifically for MS patients and some are aimed at healthcare professionals, but may be of interest to patients who appreciate the scientific coverage they provide. In part 2 of this 4-part series, I share... Read moreChevron