Thursday, July 31, 2014

Christina Lasich, MD's Posts

What NOT to Do if you have Arthritis Pain

Not sure what to do or what not to do now that arthritis pain is slowing you down? Doing the wrong things can make matters worse while doing the right things can help to relieve the pain. But what is right and what is wrong? This list is everything you should NOT do if you have osteoarthritis pain. Maybe this will save you from experiencing years... Read moreChevron

10 Foods that Help to Control Pain

Food is medicine and the right foods can help to control pain. In turn, eating the wrong foods can trigger pain. Remember, good health and feeling better starts in the grocery store at the point of purchase. Steel Cut Oats: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While most people think that all oatmeal is good for you, the real truth is... Read moreChevron

FDA Approves Convenient Opioid Overdose Antidote

The number of opioid overdose deaths has been rapidly increasing over the past two decades. According to the Center for Disease Control over 37,004 died in 2010 compared to 16,489 in 1999. In order to curtail these alarming figures, lawmakers have tried a “war on drugs,” public health education campaigns, and stricter prescribing laws.... Read moreChevron

Fitness in Focus: Gardening Helps Improve Your Fitness in More Ways than One

Spring has sprung and nature is calling you. It’s time to start working in the yard, gardening and landscaping again. Baseball may be “America’s favorite pastime” but gardening is what most of us do outside to divert us from the workplace grind. All the local nurseries are full of enthusiastic customers that are dizzy with... Read moreChevron

Low Back Pain Flare-ups Happen

Has your back pain suddenly increased lately? Is the back pain more intense or different than before? If so, then you might be experiencing a pain flare-up. The normal day-to-day pain is what you expect and live with. But when a flare-up happens, the pain suddenly goes to an entirely different level.   When this pain event happens, the first... Read moreChevron