Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Christina Lasich, MD's Posts

Sleep is a Good Investment

Are you feeling overwhelmed or fatigued? If so, you may not be getting enough sleep. Sleep is essential to having a quality of life. Without rejuvenating overnight, our bodies experience more sensitivity to pain and stress. Even petty problems get blown out of proportion when fatigue is overwhelming the senses. Sleep is the greatest weapon against... Read moreChevron

People in Pain at Risk for Falling

Falling down is more than a matter of getting up and dusting off. A fall can trigger an avalanche of health problems that occasionally lead to death or permanent disability. For this reason, fall prevention has become a top priority for healthcare providers and insurance companies. The first step towards prevention is risk assessment.... Read moreChevron

Going Nuts over the Health Benefits of Nuts

By grabbing a handful of nuts on a daily basis, you can reduce your risk of dying from cancer and heart disease. In a recent report in the New England Journal of Medicine, a group of Harvard researchers saw significant reductions of deaths in those that ate nuts regularly. This report is not the first one to declare the health benefits of these... Read moreChevron

How To Control Pain Without Drugs

Drugs are just one tool in your box of pain relievers. Solely relying on one tool is like trying to build a house with just a hammer. The job does not get done very well, and the results are unsatisfying. Controlling pain with other tools besides drugs is essential to a well-rounded treatment plan. These simple strategies can help you relieve pain... Read moreChevron

Remedies for Winter Arthritis Pain

As temperatures hover around freezing, arthritis pain spikes to unbearable levels. Wintertime pain is often the worst pain of the year. When a cold storm moves into the area, those living with arthritis feel miserable from the aching, stabbing and grinding in the joints.   Why do arthritic joints hurt worse in the winter? Joint stiffness is... Read moreChevron