Friday, October 09, 2015
Dr. Eli C. Lewis
  • Dr. Eli C. Lewis, Health Pro
  • Bio: Chair of Health Sciences Research at Ben-Gurion University
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Type 1 diabetes,  Type 2 diabetes


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Dr. Eli Lewis is a world-renowned expert on diabetes, and the incumbent of Ben-Gurion University's Ilse Katz Career Development Chair in Health Sciences Research. He received his PhD from the University's Faculty of Health Sciences, and then joined the university’s ranks as faculty member. Dr. Lewis' research focuses on improving the survival and recovery of insulin-producing cells in diabetic patients. He recently discovered a common, easily accessible drug that can protect cells and hopefully reverse diabetes and restore glucose control in type I and to some extent type II diabetes patients. Dr. Lewis has been awarded research grants from several important foundations, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Israeli Science Foundation. Most recently, he has received the prestigious Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research of the Wolf Foundation for Medicine (Krill award, 2009).


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Caregiver in Diabetes

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