Thursday, April 17, 2014

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5 Most Interesting Obesity Headlines for March 2014

We are changing the way we think about food, nutrition, and health. So what’s the latest buzz around the Internet and in the news this month? Below are some of the most intriguing insights and trends.If you believe, you can succeed!Weight loss beliefs jeopardize anti-obesity drugs (PsychCentral) - patients taking orlistat, which causes anal... Read moreChevron

Simple Changes in Eating Habits and the Weight Loss Benefits

In my previous post, “4 Easy Ways to Lose Weight,” I wrote about a few simple changes that can help lose weight. The recommendations made had little to do with actual eating habits, so this time out we’ll explore some adjustments that can be made in how we eat that will help promote weight loss. I am not going to suggest radical... Read moreChevron

4 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

It doesn’t have to be persistent low level hunger or running or jumping or rolling or whatever it is you do to break sweat and burn calories. There has to be some of that (okay, maybe not the rolling), but there are some Easy Street approaches you may do to help lose weight.Before you abandon all the hard stuff and settle into a no-diet,... Read moreChevron

Kirstie Alley's Revolving Weight Loss Program

As she sometimes does, Kirstie Alley has returned home to Jenny Craig. Stating she wants to lose 30 pounds, the one-time Jenny spokesperson is back in the fold after parting ways in 2007. Kirstie was first with Jenny Craig in 2004 and was able to lose 75pounds along the way. Her weight loss struggles have been high profile and subject to public... Read moreChevron

Is Chilhood Obesity on the Decline?

Obesity among American children is a problem. As long as this trend continues the accompanying trend of obesity among American adults will continue, as well. Obese children and adolescents are likely to become obese adults and that’s about all there is to that. New evidence shows that children who are obese or overweight between the ages of... Read moreChevron