Friday, August 01, 2014

My Bariatric Life's Posts

World Obesity Rate Continues to Grow

Sorry, Mr. Disney, but it turns at that the world is not so small after all. The fact of the matter is that the world is growing and getting larger every year. Let's take a second to clarify. The world itself is pretty much the same rock that it has been for some time, but the people who inhabit that rock are tacking on pounds at an alarming rate.... Read moreChevron

Maintaining Weight May Relieve Depression in Black Women

Research shows that women are twice as likey as men to suffer from depression and that more than one in seven African American women suffer from major depression. Black women who have depression are also less likely to receive treatment than are white women at a ratio of 39.7 percent vs. 54 percent. Those African American women who do seek... Read moreChevron

Obesity Among America's Firefighters: Do We Need Fitness Standards?

The Problem of Obesity Among America's Firefighters A few days ago my husband and I were walking through Market Square in downtown Indianapolis. As we walked, a young police officer who was in his mid to late twenties, made his way down the sidewalk. As he passed us, we gave a cordial nod that he returned, and we all continued our seperate... Read moreChevron

Sugar Companies Provide Misleading Information

"Sugar in the diet does not cause diabetes." As a matter of fact, "sugar adds to the quality of children's diet," or so said the Sugar Association in 2009 and 2010.   There you have it then. The matter is closed and thank you for your time. Sugar is our friend, and we should consume it as often as possible in heaps that would stagger an... Read moreChevron

World Obesity May Soon Overtake World Hunger

An unlikely trade-off is on the horizon where one extreme may soon be replaced by an opposite and equally disturbing extreme. A world going hungry might be transitioning into a world bursting at the belt line, since no middle-income country has been able to successfully address the problem of hunger without substituting it with the problem of... Read moreChevron