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  • Bio: Vicki was a Health Guide with Secondary Progressive MS and Osteoporosis. She passed away in January 2014. We continue to find great value in her posts—she will be missed.
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I was diagnosed in 1989 after at least seven years of living with seemingly unrelated episodes of numbness, vision problems and balance issues. My MS journey has taken me to advocacy for MS and disability. 

I was working in Marketing for the Travel and Hospitality Industry when my first symptoms of MS began showing up. When I was finally diagnosed with MS, I was working and going to school at night. I changed my thesis topic to "MS at Work" and interviewed MSers about their experiences and whether they continued to work or had chosen retirement.

 I had became a single mother when my two boys were one and three. They are now in their thirties with families of their own. Although they were near for my episodes, by the time I was diagnosed, my boys were in high school. I continued working for several years until my symptoms made it too difficult. Then I began telecommuting until I took a disability retirement.

Garry is my partner, friend and sweetheart. He is also my full-time caregiver, and we moved in together because I could no longer live alone. He introduced me to the practice of blogging. I have always been a writer, and I found it helpful to write down things I was learning, experiencing and feeling. I found it was also helpful to others. Thus began my MS and disability blogging. My blog is Down the MS Path

MS has made me a person with a disability, but I am also a person with abilities. Some of those abilities are writing and communicating a positive attitude. 

I have a Bachelor of Journalism with a double major in Advertising and Marketing, and a concentration in Fashion Design, from the University of Texas. I minored in Psychology, Sociology, and Radio-Television-Film. I received a Master's of Interdisciplinary Studies majoring in Marketing Management from the University of Texas at Dallas.



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