Wednesday, September 02, 2015
rubber panties boy
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  • Bio: now wearing rubber panties because of stress incontinence
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Stress Incontinence




Because of stress incontinence I'am now wearing rubber panties to control the embarasing wet spot problem .so I wear the bikini tight fitting style , I'am a slim well built male that likes to wear tight jeans , so by wearing the tight form fitting bikini style rubber panties , know one can tell ! I sometimes wear regular tight fitting cotton briefs under the rubber panties and sometimes I just wear the bikini rubber panties by their selves , although in the summer it does get a little hot with just the rubber panties ! at first I hated that I had to start wearing rubber panties again ! but now , I've started to really like the feeling of the rubber against my skin ! My girl friend , says that I look real cute when I'am just wearing my bikini rubber panties ! So she bought me several cute pairs : such as ; nursery print ones , clear ones , pink ones with lace around the legs , and a cloudy pair that looks like the gerber rubber panties that I use to wear when I was younger ! And of course all my rubber panties are the form fitting tight bikini style !!


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Living With It in Incontinence