Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Question of the Week: More research means more options. How has this helped you?

When I was diagnosed in the late 1980’s my neurologist (not specializing in MS) told me there would be a cure in 5 years.  Needless to say, I changed neurologists.


When we entered into the 1990’s, Newsweek declared it “The Decade of the Brain”, telling us that research would be geared toward solving the mysteries of,... Read moreChevron

Question of the Week: Injections and Staying on Course

Recently I read an article entitled, “Taking the Sting Out of Injections” (Momentum, The Magazine of The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Spring 2013, page 40) and I was reminded of the long road I’ve traveled before and after the availability of disease-modifying medications. 


In 1987 my first neurologist... Read moreChevron

MS and Stem Cell Therapy: The Future and Your Experience

Stem cell therapy is a controversial treatment for people with MS.  We have heard the political and medical reasons why it should and shouldn’t be explored.  According to Wikipedia’s definition of stem cell therapy it is:

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Happy New Year : MS, Resolutions and Goals

My Question of the Week this week will be a short one.  My son, my husband and I all came down with a stomach bug.  Nasty stuff, the kind of thing that makes you realize how much you miss your “normal” days of having MS.


I’ve been making pacts with myself these past few days, like taking better care of myself, eating... Read moreChevron

MS and Surviving (and Perhaps Even Enjoying) the Holidays!

It’s happening again.  The frantic, panicky, overwhelming feeling that visits me every December.  Shopping, planning, scheduling, writing, decorating, feeding, mailing, walking, fixing, cleaning – all activities associated with the holiday season. 


I celebrate Hanukah – cooking, cleaning, buying, decorating, and... Read moreChevron