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Jerry Kennard
  • Jerry Kennard, Health Pro
    is Psychologist
  • Location: York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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  • Bio: Chartered Psychologist
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Dr. Jerry Kennard is a psychologist, consultant & writer. He is an Associate Fellow and Chartered member of the British Psychological Society. Jerry worked for a number of years in various specialized healthcare settings before moving to University where he headed a department of psychology, taught and researched in health-related psychology. 


Jerry is the author of self-help books. They fit within the niche, more than a webpage but less than a textbook. In Bipolar Disorder: a short introductory guide Jerry answers some of the most pressing questions about the disorder its diagnosis, treatment and self-help strategies. A revised edition of the book is available for students (Kindle format only) called, Bipolar Disorder: a student's guide: useful for those requiring a basic grounding in the topic for term papers or further research.


Panic Attacks:a resource for panic sufferers or students (paperback), is an illustrated introduction along with self-help strategies, worksheets and ways to support a panic sufferer. Panic Attacks (Kindle)  is a stripped-down and cheaper version of the paperback offering an affordable alternative.


Dr. Jerry Kennard lives near to the historic city of York, in the United Kingdom.


By Dr. Jerry:


Bipolar Disorder: a student's guide



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