Monday, December 22, 2014
The bi-polar American
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I'm in my mid 40's now with years of experience with bpd. I've seen what can happen when any system is off in the body. I have reacted to every kind of drug. I have had to become aware to survive. otherwise, I consider it my destiny. My car has license plates, which i did not order, that say "5150": I think that is telling me something. I created my own blog to explore with others, a little less conservative, rather forward and honest, and I call it "the bi-polar American." I'm just as good and sometimes better than the rest of the world. My depression has lied to me for years; my fear stopped me from being me and accepting me; and now I've made a decision, a commitment to focusing on the positive aspects of bipolar, and it has changed me for the better. It's a journey for us all, but we need to try and stay together as doctors and family use the mental health moniker freely for their own devices I'm afraid. Labeling is an issue, much like changing the names of disorders from schizophrenia to shizoaffective or manic depression to the pleasant bi polar. We bipolars have more opportunities than the average person; our problem? the follow thru of course. But that comes with training and the ability to allow yourself to fail frequently, because when you do hit it, it will be big. Nice to meet you, I'm Laura Hart, also known as the bi polar reporter.


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