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Gretchen Becker
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Type 2 diabetes


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Gretchen Becker studied biology for 8 years at Radcliffe/Harvard, where she was a PhD Candidate, published two papers in peer-reviewed journals, and then dropped out to take a more lucrative job as a live-in maid in Manhattan. After hitting the “glass ceiling” in the world of domestic service, she moved on to various other jobs including working as a lab technician in Harlem, a newspaper reporter in Brattleboro, Vermont, a woodenware salesperson in Wilmington, Vermont, a tax assessor in Halifax, Vermont, and a cheese plant worker in Guilford, Vermont, where she could eat all the brie cheese she wanted (which she discovered wasn’t a heck of a lot).

Gretchen is now a freelance editor of medical books and journals and lives on a small sheep farm in Halifax, Vermont. She is also a trustee of public funds for her town.

Since her diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in 1996, she has devoted a lot of time trying to learn as much as she can about this chronic disease and to use her background in both science and journalism to help educate fellow patients throughout the world (via the Internet) so they can take control of their disease and avoid serious complications.

Gretchen is the author of "The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes" and "Prediabetes" and coauthor of "The Four Corners Diet" and is an active participant in several Internet support groups.

For the nonce, you can learn more than you wanted to know about her farm and her philosophies at her Web site at


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Living With It in Diabetes

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