Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Pain Management: Something That Is Missing In My Life

I have a considerable amount of pain when it comes to my RA.  I guess if I had to “measure” it, I would call it, on average, moderate.  And in my world, the solution for that has been prednisone.   I have been off prednisone for about two weeks now, and my pain levels have increased considerably.  Lately, my knees... Read moreChevron

To RA, With Love

March is when I celebrate the second “dating” anniversary with my boyfriend.    We have been through a lot together.  In reality, I believe that we both experienced the worst things that had happened to us prior to meeting each other.  But as far as my illnesses are concerned, A has been there with me through... Read moreChevron

Lupus Is As Lupus Does

For me, it’s hard to talk about lupus without talking about RA because I have both illnesses.    As of November 2013, it was reported that 1.3 million adults in the United States have RA and between 161,000 to 322,000 have lupus (1).  However, the prevalence rate for lupus may be higher given its difficulty in diagnosing, as... Read moreChevron

Avoiding Birth Defects Means Talking To Your Doctor Early

I saw my (new) rheumatologist for the second time, and we had the talk.    You know the one that I’m talking about, right?   We had the baby talk.   It’s a discussion that my previous rheumatologist refused to have with me.  He told me that we shouldn’t discuss it until it wasn’t hypothetical... Read moreChevron

My New Rheum Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

I had my first appointment with my new rheumatologist earlier this month.  I had originally wanted to see a different rheum, but he was booked too far in advance, so I decided to see someone else that I could get in to see sooner, who my new primary care doctor recommended.   My new rheum is young and very thorough.  She seemed to... Read moreChevron