Sunday, March 29, 2015

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A Good Doctor Is Hard To Find

Finding a doctor, let alone finding the right doctor, can be challenging.


It’s almost like dating. Sometimes you have to try out several doctors before you find “the one”.


It’s incredibly important that whoever this person is, they take your concerns seriously, and they both... Read moreChevron

How Do You Know When You’ve Found The One?

RA can rob of us of so much, especially if you’re a young person, that you start to convince yourself, or at least I started convincing myself, that I wasn’t worthy of someone to love me. 


That’s a heavy and hard thing to admit, but it’s the truth.  When I was diagnosed with lupus and RA at... Read moreChevron

Patient Advocacy: A Growing Field For Patients To Benefit From

What/Who Is A Patient Advocate?


A patient advocate is someone who helps patients to navigate the complex maze that is the healthcare system. 


It’s important to consider that medicine is hopefully moving in the direction of taking the whole person into account.  This... Read moreChevron

Keeping Muscles Strong Might Keep RA At Bay

I have personally struggled with working out. 


I’ve hit two points where I just haven’t been able to work out.   The first was when I first moved from Michigan to New York City.  The move and starting a new academic program basically caused me to stop working out for four... Read moreChevron

Can You Work With RA?

Both the physical and the emotional impacts of RA can contribute to difficulty in holding down a “traditional, nine-to-five job.” 


To be frank, some of the most successful people I know with chronic illnesses, RA included, are self-employed.


There are several perks to self-employment,... Read moreChevron