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Amy Hendel is a popular and recognizable medical and lifestyle reporter, health and nutrition expert, columnist and health host. As a Health Coach, Ms. Hendel works with clients, especially families, using her own unique blend of nutrition, fitness, and psychology techniques to improvelifestyle habits and especially the health profile of family members. Her first book Fat Families Thin Families and second book, The 4 Habits of Healthy Families, offer a "family team" approach that can help families cope with obesity and its related health issues, or simply improve their lifestyle habits . As a professional woman and mother, Ms. Hendel realizes the unique issues most people - adults and kids -  struggling with obesity face, and her unique perspectives on health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle have made her an in-demand national speaker.  She has an extensive TV, radio and online presence.  Her hope is that families across America will embrace her message of family teamwork and camaraderie and become Healthy Families for Life.  You can find out more about her at


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