Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Is Your Brother, Not Your Mother, Influencing Your Weight?

A recent study suggests that siblings may have a greater impact on your weight than your parents.  Previous studies suggest:   If mom is overweight during pregnancy, offspring may have a higher risk of developing obesity and other health issues. If both parents are overweight or obese, then offspring have a higher risk of developing... Read moreChevron

Improve Your Eating Habits With These Key Questions

The Economic Research Service at USDA has compiled some information regarding current eating habits in the U.S.  We do appear to be eating better, or at least trying to eat better.  Specifically:   We are taking note of nutrition information, at least some of the time when it’s available, especially on food packages We are... Read moreChevron

Fast Food Brands Offer Lighter Options for School Lunches

With the new school meals' Federal Guidelines, one has to assume that some fast food makers would figure out a way to make the grade.  After all, consider what’s at stake: Thousands of school lunchrooms nationwide, and hundreds of thousands of little bellies to fill, albeit with healthier, lighter fare.  So Domino’s Pizza set... Read moreChevron

Broadway Inspires a "Rocky" Hard Body

When it comes to motivation and weight loss, goals do a body good.  Typically, an event like an upcoming wedding or anniversary, or if your child is having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration, or maybe it's a class reunion that fuels the desire for a leaner, more svelte torso, or toned arms.  Though health should be a real inspiration, I... Read moreChevron

Latest Obesity Headlines

Here's a round up of some recent obesity-related news:   Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes: Newly Diagnosed Patients With diabetes rates soaring, especially lifestyle-related diabetes type 2, health care professionals face telling a patient some rather upsetting and distressing news, when they share this diagnosis.  It is suggested that as... Read moreChevron