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Florence Cardinal
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sleep disorders,  sleep apnea,  insomnia,  narcolepsy,  sleep paralysis,  nightmares,  night terrors,  enuresis,  bed wetting,  delaued sleep phase syndrome,  restless legs,  bruxism


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When my husband was diagnosed with sleep apnea in the early nineties, I began researching sleep and sleep disorders. He passed away in 1998 from a severe heart attack, a complication of sleep apnea. In 1999, I began writing about sleep disorders on the Web. I'm deeply interested in sleep and sleep disorders. I've read dozens of books on the topic and own most of them. I've also searched the Web and interviewed doctors, patients and sleep specialists. I've also been writing and selling nonfiction since the early sixties on a variety of topics.

I'm a member of the National Sleep Foundation and work closely with them to publicize their work. I'm also a member of the Sleep Apnea Society of Alberta.


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Living With It in Sleep Disorders

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