Friday, November 27, 2015

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Heart Day: How Sleep Plays a Role in Congenital Heart Disease

For several years, February 14 has been designated Congenital Heart Defect Day. And what better day could there be than Valentines Day, with its ever-present abundance of hearts to remind us just how important the heart is?


What does this have to do with sleep disorders? Well, directly, not much, but indirectly sleep is... Read moreChevron

Enjoying the Holidays

The stores have packed away the costumes and masks. Halloween is over for another year. This end-of-October event kicked off the fall and winter holiday season. Thanksgiving with its turkey and all the trimmings, with the pioneer costumes and horns of plenty is also packed up and behind us.


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Perchance to Dream - Page Two

Some people have prophetic dreams involving more widespread

disasters.  Lynn Walbeck has had many dreams of the crash of

commercial planes, usually days before the crash occurred.  The

dreams, however, are vague,... Read moreChevron

Texting and Sleep

Do your children seem more moody, irritable or depressed than usual? Don't blame it all on adolescent angst. The cause may not be physical or mental, but electronic. Not so long ago, such behavior was blamed on sleep deprivation caused by violent TV shows or stimulating video games before bedtime.


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Light at Night and Depression

Some sleep problems respond favorably to bright light therapy, especially light applied first thing in the morning. Delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) causes one to have trouble waking in the morning and falling to sleep at night. This disorder responds well to... Read moreChevron