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Hearing Loss: Causes, Protections and Treatments

Hearing loss is a problem for millions of aging boomers. What many people don’t know is that hearing loss is more than in inconvenience. Hearing loss increases the risk of... Read moreChevron

Hearing Loss Addressed Early Can Help Protect Brain

Since mild hearing loss is considered part of normal aging it's rarely treated until the loss is at a later stage. However, now that hearing loss is known to affect our risk of developing dementia, this casual approach needs to be reconsidered.


A recent study confirms this. Anu Sharma of the Department of Speech Language... Read moreChevron

Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Symptoms Surprisingly Different

When we think of Alzheimer’s symptoms we think of memory loss, yet this is not necessarily the case with younger onset Alzheimer's. Younger onset Alzheimer’s may present symptoms such as poor judgement and skewed thinking patterns before memory loss becomes evident.

Researchers at University College London (UCL)... Read moreChevron

Alzheimer's Sleep Issues Challenge Exhausted Caregivers

Exhausted caregivers often say that one of the hardest things for them is that they can’t get quality sleep. Even caregivers who have loved ones outside of their homes can have problems since they are still on call day and night for frequent emergencies. However, it’s the Alzheimer’s caregivers who have the hardest time since... Read moreChevron

Folic Acid May Aid Elders During Heat Waves

The type of heat exhaustion or mild dehydration that a middle aged caregiver may feel during a heat wave is uncomfortable, but the same occurrence could be deadly for an elder. Because of the seriousness of overheating, some older people take a prescription drug that helps increase blood flow to the skin which in turn helps them cool... Read moreChevron