Thursday, August 21, 2014

Carol Bradley Bursack's Posts

Overcoming Denial to Seek Potential Dementia Diagnosis

A recent article in the UK Telegraph reported on a survey showing that two thirds of people over the age of 50 are more afraid of developing dementia than of getting cancer. Other surveys show similar percentages.   One reason for this intense fear of Alzheimer's is obvious. While many types of cancer can be cured, most types of dementia... Read moreChevron

Alzheimer’s New Frontier: Brain Cell Transplants, Memory Stimulating Implant Invasive Yet Intriguing

Even the most optimistic of us know that, at this time, there is no reliable way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and there is no cure. Pharmaceutical companies have committed billions of dollars to study drug therapies that have yet to prove effective. Yes, there are more pharmaceutical approaches in the pipeline, but none of them will be... Read moreChevron

Fish Oil May Preserve Brain Function, Improve Memory

Newer studies are discovering that the role of fish oil in our diet is broader than once thought. The omega-3 fatty acids naturally found in fatty fish, but often taken in capsule form, have long been considered of major importance for heart health. Lately, scientists have discovered that these omega-3s are of great benefit to our brain, as well,... Read moreChevron

3 Triggers for Alcohol Abuse in Elderly

Alcohol abuse can occur at any age, but in the past most doctors looked for the signs in younger people. There’s also a bias in society at large, including some doctors, that people who abuse alcohol will be of a certain type. It can be hard for a doctor to look at a sweet, grandmotherly woman and think that perhaps the... Read moreChevron

One in Three Cases of Alzheimer’s May be Lifestyle Related

Scientists who attended the 2014 Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Copenhagen this month seem energized from their collaborative effort. News stories will be filtering out for weeks to come about the studies presented at the conference. However, to me, one of the most interesting and encouraging conclusions so far is that... Read moreChevron