Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Amylia Grace Yeaman
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  • Bio: internationally published poet, writer, editor and entrepreneur. Dx'd with T1DM in '89.
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Humalog via Insulin Pump


Since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at eleven, Amylia has yet to let diabetes stop her from pursuing her dreams. In a weird way, diabetes helps Amylia excel in order to "prove the doctors wrong," and exceed expectations. Knowing tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, Amylia has stayed true to her adventurous spirit and passion for connecting and helping others.

Since childhood, Amylia has traveled to over 30 countries—Type 1 diabetes with her all the while. She's a passionate and engaging writer, coach, and speaker. In a previous life, she was an English teacher at one of Milwaukee’s toughest high schools, and remains a fierce advocate for international opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds, especially those with disabilities. Amylia has taught English in rural India, Germany, and spent years in Taipei, Taiwan as a visiting professor of English.


Amylia’s message is simple: happy, healthy living is not an accident! It’s the collective result of all the little daily habits and rituals we choose to partake in (or not). Amylia advocates for using any obstacle or challenge—including diabetes--as a catalyst for good instead of doom and gloom. In this way, diabetes and other obstacles support us in living lives of purpose, on purpose instead of standing in the way.

**For more tips on how to live a healthy life of purpose on purpose, check out the F.R.E.E. articles from her award-winning diabetes blog, Twinabetes.com, or hop on over to amyliagrace.com. Her column and blog posts are filled with keen insights, hard-won truths, and honest reflections told in the way only Amylia can tell them. To contact Amylia, email her at gracelistens@gmail.com.



Living With It in Diabetes

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