Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Leslie Lafayette
  • Leslie Lafayette, Health Guide
  • Location: La Quinta, CA, United States
  • Gender: Female
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  • Bio: California writer, educator, survivor of open heart valve surgery
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Open heart surgery,  robotics,  valve disease,  atrial fibrillation,  mitral valve prolapse,  pulmonary hypertension,  diastolic dysfunction,  CHD


beta blocker,  zocor,  aspirin,  magnesium,  supplements


I am a woman living with heart issues, who has a natural interest in and avocation for medical technology and information. I have an MA in education and taught high school English, social studies and journalism for many years. I am a real estate broker but have worked in many fields, among them editing, public relations and owning and operating my own restaurant. I am author of a lifestyle book on women who do not have children and have appeared as a guest on Oprah and dozens of other television and radio programs. I am currently unmarried and enjoy my two rescued dogs who are my beloved companions. A year ago I had mitral valve repair surgery using the da Vinci robot, and was featured in a Lifetime for Women television segment about my surgery.



Living With It in Heart Disease

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