Sunday, October 26, 2014

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Diabetes in Day Care Settings



The American Diabetes Association (ADA) continues to publish position statements in regard to the care and management of diabetes. Most recently, Siminerio, Albanese-O’Neill, Chang, Hathaway, Jackson, Weissberg-Benchell, Wright, Yatvin, and Deeb published “Care of Young Children with Diabetes in the... Read moreChevron

American Diabetes Association® Position Statement: Fallout and Further Commentary

My previous blog discussed the new American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines regarding hemoglobin (hb) A1c for people younger than 18 years old with diabetes (less than 7.5 percent) and over 18 years of age (less than 7.0 percent). For those over 18 years, consideration of other illnesses and chronic conditions must be included. I have... Read moreChevron

Hemoglobin A1c Guidelines: Latest American Diabetes Association® Recommendations


In the July 2014 issue of Diabetes Care, written by Chiang, Kirkman, Laffel, and Peters, (Diabetes Care 2014; 37:2034–2054 | DOI: 10.2337/dc14-1140), new guidelines were provided for hemoglobin (hb) A1c. No longer are A1cs stratified by different age groups. Rather, new guidelines have been developed according to... Read moreChevron

Diabetes and Birth Methods


Currently, we have yet to find methods to prevent type 1 diabetes. Therefore, any relevant information that may play a role in diabetes prevention or occurrence is of particular interest to families affected by the condition. A paper entitled “Mode of Obstetrical Delivery and Type 1 Diabetes: A Sibling Design... Read moreChevron

College and Diabetes


Summer is a very exciting time for many young adults with diabetes. Many are transitioning to college and beginning a new chapter in their lives. Moving into a college environment can be stressful for all... Read moreChevron