Monday, July 28, 2014

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What is Mixed Connective Tissue Disease?

Rheumatology is a complicated field of medicine.  Not only are there more than 100 rheumatic diseases associated with arthritis, there are many conditions which share the same symptoms.  In fact, patients who have features or meet the diagnostic criteria of more than one autoimmune disease may be diagnosed with an overlap syndrome. ... Read moreChevron

Advocacy: The Power of Words to Motivate Action

Becoming an advocate is easier than you might think.  It can be as simple as using your words or actions to demonstrate support for a particular cause, ideology, or group of people.  Advocates often educate and inform, make recommendations, and support, defend, or plead on behalf of others.   At the heart of advocacy is a desire to... Read moreChevron

Childhood Leukemia Mistaken for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Musculoskeletal pain and nonspecific symptoms are often the initial signs of cancer in about 20% of children who develop pediatric leukemia.  Because of similar symptoms, childhood leukemia can masquerade as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, osteomyelitis, transient synovitis, or septic arthritis, resulting in delayed treatment. What is... Read moreChevron

Conditions that Resemble RA

Making a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is often tricky. With no single test that confirms or eliminates the disease, the diagnosis of RA is based on a physical exam, patient history, laboratory tests and often imaging. However, symptoms of RA, such as pain, swelling and fatigue, are not exclusive to the disease. And correct diagnosis is... Read moreChevron

Top 5 Herbal Supplements for RA

Plants as medicine For thousands of years, plants have been used for their healing properties.  Modern day supplements derived from various herbs and plants are increasingly available at your local grocery or health food stores.  Several supplements, touted for their pain-relieving or anti-inflammatory benefits, are commonly used in... Read moreChevron