Wednesday, December 02, 2015

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Detox Diets: Are They A Good Idea?

With the start of 2012, you may have made a pledge to shed the extra pounds you've gain over the last year.

Recently, I've heard a lot of people saying they intend to go on a "detox diet," as soon as the New Year begins.

But, is that a wise move?

For the most part, the only thing detox products help you to lose is your... Read moreChevron

6 Heart Healthy Holiday Snack Ideas

Christmas and New Year brings lots of opportunity to get together with friends and loved ones, which usually means plenty of eating opportunities.


When food is constantly within reach, it can be difficult to say no, and very often it's the snacking, which causes us to take in way too many calories at this time of... Read moreChevron

3 Smart Ways To Look After Your Heart Health This Holiday Season

Perhaps you're already bracing yourself for the inevitable weight gain of the holiday season.


It's true most of us will spend a lot of our Christmas holidays eating too much food, and sitting around more than we should.


If this is a regular cycle for you, why not challenge yourself to break that bad... Read moreChevron

7 Health Questions To Ask Before The New Year


We can all get a bit carried away at this time of year, with the hectic preparations to be made in time for Christmas. As a result, looking after our health can take a backseat.


If you have heart disease, it's wise to keep a check on your health year-round. Simply taking time to notice if you just don't feel right... Read moreChevron

The Importance Of Sleep For Your Heart Health

It's wonderful to wake up after a great night's rest, isn't it? You feel so much more energized, refreshed, and ready for the day ahead.


Unfortunately, many of us aren't getting the required amount of sleep due to our busy lives, or simply as a result of bad habits.


The CDC state that more than one-quarter of... Read moreChevron