Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Maintaining Healthy Breasts: Your 40s

Keeping your breasts healthy and fit is a lifelong proposition. Here are some tips for maintaining healthy breasts throughout your 40s.   So, you’ve reached the big 4-0. Those wild teen years, raucous 20s, and settle-down 30s are behind you, and you’re excited to see what life going forward has in store for you.   Having... Read moreChevron

Banishing the Stigma of Cancer

How do you fight the natural stigma against a deadly disease – cancer? With sheer numbers. Thousands of cancer survivors join forces each year in an event that not only raises funds for research, but unites all of us – survivors and healthy people alike – in support and love.      What’s it like to walk in a... Read moreChevron

Progress Towards the Cure: Breast Cancer Research Roundup

Breast cancer research is constantly providing health-care professionals with new data on which to base treatment and prevention recommendations. Here’s this month’s news, and how it might affect you.   New hope for prospective moms A younger woman undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer often faces a devastating situation: the... Read moreChevron

#LiveBold with Cancer – One Step at a Time

We all face challenges in life. For cancer survivors, the ultimate challenge is life itself: first getting it back, then moving forward – one step at a time.   Sometimes, the first step is the hardest.   That’s what I said to encourage myself as I lay in the hospital bed, limp with fever. After 5 days of touch-and-go, my... Read moreChevron

Can Olive Oil Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

Can a daily dose of olive oil help lessen breast cancer risk? An ongoing study aims to prove just that.   Being a woman. Growing older. Family history.   Despite the many lifestyle issues that increase cancer risk – weight gain, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise – the fact is, we have absolutely no control over the most... Read moreChevron