Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Melanie Thomassian
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Healthy eating,  dietetics,  heart health,  obesity management,  motivating change,  and physical activity.


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My interest in health care began at a very young age, eventually leading me to the University of Ulster, in Northern Ireland, to study a bachelors degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. I am a registered member of the British Dietetic Association, and the Health Professionals Council. Prior to moving to Australia, I had been employed by the National Health Service in the UK, working for an exciting new scheme called the Condition Management Programme. I thoroughly enjoy my work as a dietitian, and I am very passionate about all aspects of nutrition. Recently this passion has led me into blog writing, which has given me a wonderful opportunity to pass on my nutritional expertise in a different capacity.

Since graduating I have been extremely interested in heart health, and although I fully support and admire the wonderful heart surgery options available to patients, I am a firm believer that prevention is ultimately the best cure. I hope that through this blog I can discuss topics of interest for those concerned about healthy eating for heart health. It is my desire that individuals will gain a better understanding of the nutritional aspects relating to heart disease, and to promote lifestyle changes that will facilitate eating well as a way of life for all!

I have recently moved to South Australia with my husband, which has been very enjoyable thus far. My personnel interests involve Indian and Thai cooking, craft, playing the piano, traveling, and walking. I am also involved with weekly children's meetings held at my church, which I find very challenging, but fun!

Melanie Thomassian is the author of, an online resource for credible dietary advice, exercise tips, and much more! 


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